Get healthy the fun way with DC-10 shop rides

Come join us on a Monday night bicycle ride and meet some new people and learn some new trails. We ride mountain and road depending on the season. Call us to find out more about these rides.

If you love bicycle racing, you live in the right place.

Central Coast Cyclo-Cross (CCCX) puts on several events each year. For added motivation, we have a DC-10 race jersey program where you can earn store credit for local race finishes. To learn more about the races, visit the CCCX website, or contact DC10 about how you can participate in the jersey program.

Serving riders throughout the beautiful Monterey Bay area.

People come from miles around for a chance to take home some pointers from DC-10. We’ll help you tune up your motorcycle or racing bike. Ride like a pro!

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Doug’s motorcycle and bicycle shop offers a notable advantage over its competitors: Doug Chandler! As a 3-time Superbike champion, you can trust what Doug says.

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