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                                 Great staff, great shop! Professionalism, great recommendations, no sales pitches, just there to help you get back on two wheels. Honest as the day is long. If you need a place to hang out, you’re welcome at anytime. Reminds me of the shop I worked at in the mid-late 80’s. ★★★★★

                           Needed my chain repaired/replaced.  They were busy with a big sales event but took the time to quickly fix my chain.   Very friendly people working there.  I highly recommend them over the two other bike shops I visited in Salinas. ★★★★★

                                   My experience with this place was nothing less than phenomenal, I had my motorcycle Dyno tuned and the man was exceptional. Family owned business, amazing people. ★★★★★

                           Fair price, good quality work, hall of fame person yet down to earth guy working on your bike. Did not charge me for small 5min tweaks on my bike. ★★★★★

                                        Sherry & Doug are great. With their vast knowledge & wealth of experience in the bicycle industry, along with their extensive inventory, they were able to match us with bicycles that were perfectly compatible with our specific needs. Once our mountain bikes were ready to roll, they graciously invited us to ride with them & a group of their friends on the Fort Ord Trails; they made sure our bikes were properly adjusted & they showed us some beautiful areas that we had never ridden before. Sherry & Doug go above & beyond; a rare quality these days. I highly recommend DC-10 Bicycle Shop; they are the best! ★★★★★

                             I bought a bike at another shop the carries the same brand, when an issue came up with that bike I ended taking it to DC-10 Doug Chandler Performance. I called and Talked to Sherry Chandler, told her of the issue, she ordered the parts needed and followed up to make an appointment as soon as the parts arrived. On the day of my appointment I was greeted by a friendly staff and Doug repaired my bike while I stepped out for a bite to eat. It couldn't have been a better experience and I would recommend Dc-10 Performance to any one needing a bike or service! ★★★★★

                      Great service and prices.  No BS.  My #1 place to take my bikes for service and to buy new bikes for my family. ★★★★★

                                 Doug is a stand up guy who knows what he is doing. Great customer service, fast service with the knowledge to back it up. ★★★★★

                        I had an issue with my older bicycle. The bike wasn't worth a lot but it has sentimental value and I still wanted to get it fixed. The staff at DC-10 took their time to find the best solution for my issue and the labor costs were more than reasonable. Communication during the process was excellent and everyone at the shop was very friendly. Ol' Trusty v2.0 is all fixed up looking better than ever. Thanks DC-10. ★★★★★

                           Amazing service, Doug Chandler is one of the most knowledgeable, helpful and honest mechanics I've ever met. The moment you walk into the shop you feel like your apart of the family. I've raced/ridden mtn bikes for 8 years and ridden a motorcycle for 5, this is my go to shop. Great prices and they can take care of all your mtn biking and motorcycle needs. Best shop in Salinas and Monterey area by far. ★★★★★

                                     5 star service. The whole staff loves what they do & it shows. Highly recommended!!! ★★★★★

                                   Doug is the best bike mechanic in this area by a long shot. ★★★★★

                                Best place to get your bike fix or have any questions. Doug and his wife are welcome and great personality. Best bike shop in Salinas, CA. I go to the shop for anything road and mountain bike. ★★★★★

                         I have bought 4 bikes from Doug. They are the best bike shop in the area. He has a great selection and is a knowledgeable rider and mechanic. ★★★★★

                               Why not have a AMA hall of fame member work on your Bike or moto? Very nice guy will always take time to talk to you. ★★★★★

                                Personal service. Reasonable prices. No sales pitches. Excellent work. Why go anywhere else?


                        I have tried out all the bike shops in the area and this shop now is my go to for service needs and bike purchases. Fair price and good turn around times. I have been to shops ignore you, talk down to you, and steer you away from the products you prefer. None of that at Doug Chandler's, I have used their services many of times and I felt each time was fair and finished in a reasonable time. I have purchased a bike from Chandler's and I will gladly purchase another very soon. Solid family run shop that I recommend each time. ★★★★★

                                    Had a great experience. A few months back I had new breaks and tires put on my motorcycle the price was right for everything. It even came in under what I was quoted, and they even did a few extra things to my bike at no charge. Will be coming back for anything else my bike needs and would definitely recommend this shop. ★★★★★

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September 24, 2020

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