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Doug Chandler

Owner / Manager / Mechanic

Born and raised in Salinas, California, he turned his hobby of riding motorcycles into a successful racing career.  

He built a reputation as one of the most versatile motorcycle racers in American Motorcycle Association racing during the 1980s and 90s. He is one of only four riders in AMA racing history to achieve the "Grand Slam," which is a prestigious title that identifies someone who has had national wins in each of the five grand national racing disciplines-- short track, TT, half mile, mile, and road race. He became a three-time AMA Superbike Champion, was a top competitor in the 500cc Grand Prix World Championships (now called MotoGP), won an AMA Supermoto Championship race late in his career, and was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2006. 

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Towards the end of his professional racing career, he opened a motorcycle riding school. He taught new riders how to improve their skills, and experienced racers how to improve their times. His main goals were to teach people how to become better, smoother, and most importantly, safer riders. He ran this school for about seven years before transitioning to opening his shop—

During his racing career, Doug frequently rode bicycles to cross-train and to stay in shape.

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[after traveling around so much during his racing days,?] He saw an opportunity to [settle down and] create a business that would allow him to apply his first-hand knowledge and experience from riding and working on both motorcycles and bicycles, and opened Doug Chandler Performance.

As his kids became older, the whole family started going on bike rides together. Once they were in high school, they decided to join their school’s mountain bike team—this lead Doug to volunteering to be a ride leader. He would go on bike rides with the team multiple times a week, helping to teach them riding skills, mentor them, and keep them safe. Doug also held workshops at his shop to teach them how to do basic bicycle maintenance, [both at home and while out on the trails.]

For the years that his kids were on the team, he also volunteered to be the team's mechanic [at races. ?] He continued to be a ride leader for a couple of years after his kids graduated, but no longer has the free time to be as involved as he once was. He still continues to show his support of the team / local kids by being a sponsor and offering

discounts /advice / knowledge

created a supportive relationship with the local

He continues to ride both motorcycles and bicycles in his free time

Doug has remained active in the motorcycle racing community by working for MotoAmerica as both the race director and the rider representative [off and on?] since it's creation in 2014 [2015?].

During his racing career, Doug rode bicycles to cross-train and stay in shape. As his kids became older, the whole family would go on bike rides together. Once they were in high school, they decided to join their school’s mountain bike team—

Sherry Chandler

Owner / Manager / Admin

Born in Oakdale, California, she grew up around motorcycles and racetracks. Sherry and Doug met in the 70s at Pioneer Arena,

a racetrack owned by her father. She worked concessions for a number of years, helping her to learn and develop good customer service skills from a young age. / where she learned the importance of good x/customer service from a young age ?

She moved to Salinas after marrying Doug in 1985. They traveled around going to races in the U.S. for five years before having their son. Over the next four years, they took him with them as they traveled for the Moto GP circuit in Europe. After their two daughters were born, they stayed in the U.S. and traveled to all of the AMA superbike races together as a family.


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Jett, Doug, Sherry, Rainee, & Quincee wearing DC-10 cycling jerseys

Photo taken by Meredith Evans in 2013

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